Bill Bhangal Is an Excellent Candidate to Help the Community

When asked why he is an excellent candidate to help the community, Bill Bhangal responded that his character is exceptional and he has worked in charity in the community and is a successful businessman. He also cited two letters of reference, which speak to his integrity and work ethic. The victim was very angry and scared of the older people around him. The victim has been struggling for the past two years, dropped out of school and relied on his parents to make ends meet.

Bill Hundal

Bill Hundal has been convicted of the sexual exploitation of his daughter. He was found guilty of six counts of lewd acts. He was sentenced to six years in state prison. Hundal says that he did not have adequate legal representation during his trial, and he claims that the prosecutor failed to adequately present his case. In addition, the prosecution introduced surveillance videotapes of his family and the testimony of a police officer who found adult pornography on his computer.

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Revenue drop

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Conviction overturned

A judge has overturned Bill Bhangal’s conviction of attempted sexual assault. According to the court’s decision, the judge erred in finding that Bhangal had text the woman he raped to get a confession. In addition, the judge erred in finding that the woman had wanted to tape Bhangal’s confession, despite her own testimony that she was not trying to record him.


The case against former Brampton Conservative Party candidate Bill Bhangal is far from over. Last month, he was convicted on one count of sexual assault. The court sentenced him to four months of house arrest. Bhangal admitted to driving a woman to a secluded area of Brampton, where he groped her and kissed her under her clothes. The judge characterized the crime as low to moderate.

Letters of reference

Letters of reference for Bill Bhangal show that his character is above reproach. The complainant had accompanied Bhangal to count lawn signs in Brampton neighbourhoods to collect data for a provincial election. While they were smoking cigarettes, Bhangal groped her and forcibly kissed her under her shirt. She yelled at Bhangal to stop but he drove her back to work. She reported the incident to the police the following week. She also told her supervisor at work and her mother about the incident.