Canmore Criminal Lawyers

If you have been accused of a crime in Canmore, you should contact a criminal defence lawyer. Even though the laws governing criminal charges in Canmore are the same as those in major cities, there are some differences that you should know about. For example, there is no local police force in Canmore, but the RCMP has similar investigative, detention, and arrest powers. However, their training, techniques, and oversight differ from that of local police forces. This can be an important difference for someone accused of a crime in Canmore.

David Chow

David Chow is a full-service criminal lawyer in Alberta. He is based in suburban North West Calgary. His office is close to Cochrane, a northern Alberta community. David has many years of experience and has a reputation for achieving positive results for clients. He specializes in criminal defence.

David Chow practices full-service criminal defence in Calgary, but is also based in Cochrane. He provides services in all areas of criminal law, including roadside sanctions. He was the lawyer who successfully defended KOO in the Indecent Act case.

Stephen J. Bitzer

Stephen J. Bitzer is a well-established barrister and solicitor with over 25 years of experience in criminal defense cases. He understands the criminal justice system, including the workings of the prosecutors and police, and uses this knowledge to get his clients the best possible results. His approach to criminal defense is thorough and well-planned, and he treats clients with Stephen J. Bitzer Law the utmost respect and discretion. He is a seasoned litigator who is skilled at defending all types of criminal charges.

He has vast experience in criminal law, and his knowledge of the legal system has helped hundreds of clients win their cases. He also has a network of other experienced lawyers who can help clients with their cases. Combined with decades of experience, his knowledge of criminal law and his vast network of contacts, Stephen J. Bitzer is the best choice for your defense.

Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson, a criminal lawyer in Canmore, Alberta, has been practicing law for more than six years. She specializes in criminal defense, barrister and solicitor services, and other types of legal aid. If you are accused of a criminal offense, she can answer your legal questions, negotiate your release, and work to ensure that your case is dealt with in the best possible way.

Danby was arrested in Canmore in 2015 on charges of voyeurism, a charge related to the use of photographs taken by him of women. In January of this year, he was arrested for breaching his release conditions. His parents’ home was searched, and several electronic devices were seized. However, the RCMP later dropped the Canmore charges due to lack of evidence. His criminal lawyer argued that his client should be released on bail pending sentencing, which is expected to take place this fall.

Sean Fagan

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you may want to contact a lawyer who specializes in criminal defence. At the law firm of Sean Fagan, you’ll work with a skilled Canmore criminal lawyer who will focus on winning your case. The firm’s lawyers follow a strict code of ethics and professionalism and have won several awards and competitions. In addition to being a top-rated Canmore criminal lawyer, Sean Fagan has also been recognized as one of the top lawyers in Saskatchewan.

Sean Fagan’s background in economics allows him to understand the nuances of evidentiary rules. In fraud cases, time is of the essence, and evidence must be meticulously gathered and presented in order to establish guilt. This type of case is complicated and time-consuming, but Fagan is able to keep the case moving forward.

David Dahlem

David Dahlem is a skilled criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience. He is fluent in French and has successfully represented clients charged with a wide range of serious offences. His expertise includes the defense of trafficking, proceeds of crime, and alcohol-related charges. He speaks French fluently and can conduct a lengthy trial in that language.

Located in the Bow Valley, Canmore is an 81-kilometre-west of Calgary. It is east of Banff National Park and is home to about 14,000 people.