Carolina Shout – A Celebration of Teachers and Their Students

The California Public Media Education Service brings together educational resources from across the state to help teachers and their students.

Whether educators live in an urban, rural, or suburban area, they now have access to free, high-quality educational resources from public media stations throughout the state. Designed by California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, the California Public Media Education Service makes it easier than ever for educators to find the right information to address their teaching needs. The Service features PBS LearningMedia content, online events from KQED and partner stations, and other digital tools for K-12 educators, all in one convenient place.

To celebrate theĀ impact of teachers on their communities, CCSESA and partners invite all schools to join Carolina Shout, a spirited celebration of teachers, their students, and the important role they play in society. The event is a unique blend of musical, aesthetic and academic experiences.

Shout Media Education Services

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