How to Spot a Fake Checkrain Jailbreak Website

The Checkrain iOS jailbreak is available for iOS devices. However, there are many fake Checkrain websites, and it is important to know how to spot a fake Checkrain jailbreak. Here are some tips that will help you distinguish fake Checkrain websites from the real deal: 1. Always keep an eye on the Checkrain IP address

Fake Checkrain iOS jailbreak

Fake Checkrain iOS jailbreak IP addresses are used to trick iOS users into installing malicious applications. These malicious apps load an iOS profile on theĀ checkra1n device and can enroll it into an MDM platform. Once the profile has been installed, a checkra1n icon will appear on the device’s screen. After clicking this icon, the fake jailbreak website will launch in full screen mode, showing a progress bar.

This malicious website is being used to trick iPhone users into downloading malicious apps. The bogus apps may be disguised as legitimate apps. The LetsEncrypt SSL certificate on the Checkrain iOS jailbreak website lends it credibility, but there are other malicious websites using this SSL certificate. Some iPhone users may not be paying enough attention to which websites they visit. The majority of Checkrain iOS jailbreak victims live in the United States.

The Fake Checkrain iOS jailbreak website is a malicious exploitation of a legacy iOS flaw. It promises to leverage the Checkm8 vulnerability in iOS. Unfortunately, this exploit only works on A5 to A11 chipsets and requires a PC or Apple USB cable. So, it’s best to avoid wasting time on this fraudulent exploit.

Real Checkrain iOS jailbreak

The Real Checkrain iOS jailbreak IP address has been exposed by a security researcher as part of a scam campaign aimed at generating click-fraud money from Apple users. The scam website uses the Checkm8 jailbreak exploit that was released on Twitter last month by security researcher axi0mX to lure iPhone users into downloading and installing an application to jailbreak their iOS device.

The real process of the webpage is based on click-fraud, and multiple redirections to an iOS device are necessary to complete the process. The user is then prompted to install a fake iOS game, with in-app purchases. The chain also tracks the user’s location and geolocation. Afterwards, the fake jailbreak process concludes with a message advising the user to “have fun” for seven days.

Identifying fake Checkrain jailbreak

A fake Checkrain jailbreak IP address can be easily spotted. The fake URL appears on your iOS springboard as a checkrain icon, which is supposed to launch a jailbreak application. Once you click on this URL, you are supposed to connect to the checkrain webpage, which loads as an Apple Web Clip. However, it is just a ruse. Instead of launching the jailbreak application, the fake website displays a progress bar.

Scammers are taking advantage of this new jailbreak exploit to scam Apple users. These scammers use the new jailbreak tool to trick iPhone users into installing malicious applications and generating revenue via click fraud. They create a malicious “mobileconfig” profile and use it to carry out click fraud.