Piercing Supplies Wholesale

You can buy all at wholesale prices from a reputed supplier. Moreover, they are available in the latest designs and styles. Hence, you can choose whatever suits your taste. These wholesale suppliers carry an assortment of jewelry, pliers, and other piercing equipment. Apart from a wide range of piercing supplies, you can also choose a reputed body jewelry brand.

Body Rituals piercing pliers

If you’re interested in purchasing piercing pliers wholesale, you’ll want to check out That’s the Point. While this Brooklyn-based company has national contacts, they’re also owned by two professional piercers. Mark and Rusty Sin, who created Body Rituals, are the people behind the company’s success. While that doesn’t mean they’re the best in the business, it does mean they’re worth a look.

Body Rituals titanium piercing needles

Titanium piercing needles are a common choice Body Piercing Supplies among body jewelers and artists. They have a long history of quality and are incredibly inexpensive. Titanium piercing needles are also hypoallergenic, and many customers find them to be the best choice for their piercing needs. In addition, these needles are more affordable than other brands of titanium piercing needles, and many of them even come with a lifetime guarantee!

Body Rituals solid 14k gold piercing jewelry

Body Rituals offers quality body jewelry to pierce all body parts. Their gold jewelry is made of solid 14k gold and contains high quality Niobium and Titanium. They are internally threaded and polished to a mirror finish. Their staff is committed to ensuring a fun and painless piercing experience. They also offer necklaces, scarves, and bracelets.

Shining Light Body Jewelry

When it comes to body jewelry and piercing supplies, you can’t go wrong with Shining Light Body Jewelry wholesale. The company has an extensive inventory and is committed to filling orders promptly. As a world leader in body jewelry and piercing supplies since 1999, Shining Light provides top-quality body jewelry and has expanded its line to include tattoo and medical supplies. For all of your piercing and tattoo needs, Shining Light has you covered.

Piercing supplies in 316L stainless steel

316L is a commonly used surgical steel in body piercings. It is less expensive than 316L and more biocompatible, but not completely free of potential problems. 316L is cast in an open mould and can contain small impurities, including nickel. People with nickel allergies should avoid this type of material. It can also cause irritation and poor healing. Nevertheless, 316L is a good choice for piercings.