Push Promotions – Leeds Promotional Staff

Highly trained

Push Promotions, a Leeds-based recruitment agency, has more than 3000 promotional staff who can be used in a variety of marketing campaigns. They can be used as hosts at events, leafleting staff, product samplers, and more. Leaflet distribution is regulated by Leeds Council and requires a license which can be obtained from Push Promotions.


Engaging Leeds promotional staff is essential if you’d like to boost your brand’s awareness. Every brand and company has a history, and sharing this with potential customers can encourage a deeper connection between you and your customers. Plus, it will help you to attract new customers. There are several different types of experiential marketing, including world roadshows, exhibitions, pop-up stores, and social media interaction.


Leeds United’s high-octane style of play has been a subject of criticism in recent years, with some critics suggesting that it leads to burnout towards theĀ Leeds Promotional Staff end of the season. But the club’s manager, Marcelo Bielsa, has denied the claims, and insists that the team still has a lot of energy.


Push Promotions provides highly skilled, enthusiastic promotional staff to businesses in the Leeds area. Their retail staff is available for short-term and long-term contracts, and each member of the team is specially trained to represent their company positively. They are also equipped with the necessary skills to manage a pop-up store, which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.


Push Promotions provide highly skilled Leeds promotional staff that can work in a variety of roles from leafleting to hosting events. These workers are well-trained and enthusiastic and will represent your company in the best possible way. Whether you are looking for staff for a short-term or long-term contract, Push Promotions can meet your needs.

Pitlane Promotion

If you have an event coming up in Leeds and need a team of promotional girls and boys, then Pitlane Promotion is the place to turn. They provide promotional staff for a range of events, including sporting and charity events. These staff have experience working at events in Leeds and beyond.


Push Promotions offers a range of promotional staff in Leeds for hire. Their highly-trained staff are keen to promote the company they work for. These promotional staff are available for short-term and long-term contracting, depending on the needs of your business. They can also provide leaflet distributors in Leeds.