Regus is a virtual office provider that provides a number of business services

Virtual office answering services are a great way to accommodate customer needs outside of your business hours. They can route incoming calls to the most appropriate professional, which prevents backlogs and ensures high customer satisfaction KPIs. By outsourcing your answering service, you can also ensure that you always have someone available to answer your calls.


When it comes to a virtual office answering service, eVoice stands out from the crowd. It offers an auto-answering service, customizable greetings, menu options, and the ability to forward calls to any number of extensions. Unanswered calls are automatically diverted to voicemail. Callers can also choose to receive their voicemail as text or an MP3 file.

Using eVoice is free, with no set-up or connection fees. You can begin using the service immediately, and you can also port your existing number. Moreover, eVoice offers a mobile app for iPhones and Android devices, which allows you to screen and listen to calls anytime, anywhere. You can manage your account online as well. This service requires no additional hardware and is ideal for small business owners who need to be flexible in their business practices.


Regus is a virtual office provider that provides a number of business services to clients. Its services include virtual meeting rooms, mail handling, and reception desk services. With virtual office answering these services, your employees can interact with clients from anywhere in the world. They will also be able to receive and respond to emails from clients.

The company’s virtual office plans start at $150 a month and include phone service, two days of private office space, and access to Regus’ business lounges around the world. This is an inexpensive way to get a professional business address.


VoiceNation has been the leading virtual office answering service since 2002. Founded in a garage office, it began as a business that took calls and delivered them to the right person. The founders passed a corded phone back and forth to take orders and quickly grew into one of the nation’s leading virtual receptionist services. The company disrupted the industry before Google or other tech giants stepped in.

As a result, the company grew into an important part of the Homeland Security industry. The company needed a reliable resource to handle high-volume calls, and VoiceNation provided the solution. The service helped the company avoid the costs and headaches associated with hiring full-time employees and dealing with employee plights. For example, when the company had an emergency backup generator failure, they needed a reliable resource that could handle their calls.

Main Virtual Office

Main Virtual Office is a professional answering service focused on the needs of small businesses and solopreneurs. According to the company, 80% of callers hang up on voicemail, so their service offers call forwarding, call waiting, and a mobile app so you can manage messages on the go. Its low monthly rate of $79/month puts it within the reach of most small business owners.

A virtual office space can offer a professional business address, a business phone line, and videoconferencing services. These services allow a business owner to register their business and build a more professional image. A virtual office answering service can also provide a live receptionist to answer incoming calls, greet customers, answer basic questions about the business, and even book appointments.


If you’re considering a virtual office answering service, TeleMed is a great option. Telemed offers trained associates who will answer your calls and relay your messages to your customers, associates, and patients. The company is HIPAA-compliant and has a wide variety of options for meeting your specific needs.

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