Tips For Hiring Movers

Choosing a mover can be one of the most important decisions you make during a relocation. Movers can help you move your household items, furniture and boxes from one location to another. They can also handle some of the packing and unpacking. However, hiring a mover can be more expensive than renting a U-haul truck or trailer. Some moving companies also offer a la carte services, which are more affordable.

One of the most complicated parts of a move is packing. Even if you have a packer’s eye, you can forget a few things. You need to label all of your boxes, including the top, so the movers know what’s in each one. It also helps the movers load the boxes properly. In addition, you can pack ahead to make the move day go more quickly.

Before you hire a mover, it’s a good idea to get a moving estimate. Most companies charge based on the distance between your current and new locations. ThisĀ moving companies london ontario is because long-distance movers need to account for gas, tolls and other costs. Also, some long-distance movers have specialty services, which can increase the cost.

A full-service mover will pack and disassemble furniture, and unload your items in your new home. They will also provide packing materials, such as bubble wrap, tape, and cardboard. They can also provide insurance for your belongings. These companies are usually a good choice for people who have no time to pack, because they can handle the entire moving process. If you have heavy furniture, it’s also a good idea to hire a mover to move it for you.

The cost of a move depends on several factors, including the size of your household, the distance between your current and new homes, and the speed at which you want the move completed. Some companies offer flat rate pricing, while others will charge based on the weight of your belongings. It’s a good idea to get multiple estimates from different companies. The more quotes you get, the cheaper your move will be.

When hiring a mover, be sure to check their licensing and insurance. Some companies hold your belongings for a few days, while others will hold them for a few weeks. They also need to be licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, which is required by law. You may also have to pay for specialty services, such as moving heavy items, which can be hazardous. You can also ask the mover to provide you with a written reweigh report. If they refuse, you may demand a refund.

The moving process can take weeks, but you can help make it go more quickly by getting things ready ahead of time. If you have children or pets, provide them with toys and food. Also, keep your pets out of the way while movers are packing and unpacking. You should also provide your movers with refreshments, such as bottled water or pre-made coffee. You should also clean your old home before movers arrive, so it’s easier to clean your new home.