Furnace Repair – What to Look For When Calling a Technician

Furnace Repair

Your thermostat is no match for your furnace. If you’re constantly finding your home is too cold, you probably have a problem with your furnace’s ignition system. Or maybe you have a leaky duct that lets warm air out. Whatever the cause, a furnace technician will be able to get your home comfortable again. In many cases, it’s a simple fix. Here are some common furnace repair problems. And what to look for when calling a technician.

Heat exchanger

One of the most critical parts of a furnace is the heat exchanger. This part transfers thermal energy, circulates heat, and is a crucial component of the HVAC system. It is important because, when a furnace is running, carbon monoxide is produced. While carbon monoxide is supposed to escape through the exhaust system, it can leak from the heat exchanger and cause harm to you and your family. In addition, improper heat exchange can lead to high energy bills.

Limit switch

Before you attempt to replace a limit switch Furnace Repair in a furnace, you should know how to test it. Usually, you can do this yourself with a multimeter, but if you are an electrically-inclined do-it-yourselfer, you should hire a technician. A good guide to help you replace a limit switch is below. You should use your multimeter to test the resistance of the switch to ensure that it works properly. If you cannot find the exact resistance, you need to replace the switch. A low reading may indicate a bad switch, so you should replace it.

Burner flames

If the flames are gone but the blower is still on, you may need furnace repair services. There are a variety of reasons why the burners go out. They can be caused by a blown out pilot light, a vacuum effect, or a draft. A professional HVAC repair company can diagnose and fix any furnace problems. If you have no idea what the problem may be, here are some steps to follow:

Intake filter

To prevent a furnace breakdown, it’s important to regularly clean or replace your intake filter. The filter can easily be located in the return air grille of your furnace, which is usually hidden inside a hinged grille. If you’re installing a furnace in the attic, you should make sure that you can access the filter from the inside of the home. The outside air intake, meanwhile, should be accessible, but not too close to any pollutants.

Pilot light

When you are in need of furnace repair, the first step is to turn off your thermostat. This will prevent the gas valve from opening when you are lighting the pilot. The gas valve and the gas tube are part of the larger pilot light assembly. You should be able to find these two parts of the unit, and use them to light the pilot. Make sure to use a long stick and a match in order to light the pilot. If you use a match, make sure that it is a dime size flame, and you should stay lit for no more than 30 seconds.