Paul Leongas Irish Pubs and Restaurants

Paul Leongas Irish pubs

The world of Irish pubs can be very diverse. If you are a true Irish Pub enthusiast, you will want to know as much about as you possibly can. For many people, going to an Irish pub is more than just a meal or a drink. It is a way of life. If you are interested in learning more about Irish pubs and food in general, you can check out some of my past articles.

One of the first places that you need to see when considering visiting Irish pubs is Galway city. It is home to many famous pubs and restaurants. The Phoenix, The James Joyce and The Duke of York are just a few of the many legendary pubs and restaurants. When I was younger, my favorite was called The Phoenix. The atmosphere there was so welcoming and the food was amazing! Of course, the atmosphere is different today, but you can still go there for a great time.

In Dublin, you have the choice of visiting one of many of the well known restaurants or bars. There are many great options including O’Hara’s Pub and Restaurant (although it has since closed down), The Phoenix, and of course, The O’ahan’s Pub & Restaurant. Some people really love their Irish pubs and restaurants. They might not admit it, but for them, the atmosphere of the restaurant itself is one of the main reasons they like it so much. Of course, the food is good too!

If you are looking for an Irish Pub where you can spend some real quality time with friends or even with family, then you might want to try The Academy. This bar is located inside a beautiful old building in West Hollywood. There are many old movie memorabilia and Hollywood themed memorabilia in the museum. This is a great place for an evening out with some great friends.

A relatively new Irish Pub in Los Angeles is called The Academy. It is a modern restaurant that is based off the bar scene of films like Happy Days. This bar is located in the Hollywood Hills. You will find that there are actually quite a few restaurants in this area. Some of them are named after famous actors, while others serve foods that have some resemblance to food from the Happy Days series.

Paul Leongas Irish Pubs and Restaurants are everywhere. Heading out to one of them to enjoy a meal with friends and family is really something special. You might even get involved in a little bit of “dinner and a dancing” with the people you know. What more could you ask for?