Solar Light Tubes

Having a solar light tube in your home can be a great way to save money on your energy bills and improve your home’s lighting. The tube works by tracking the sun as it moves across the sky. Unlike skylights, solar tubes transfer the most amount of daylight from your roof into your home. They can be installed in almost any room in your house, and are unobtrusive. In fact, they’re more pleasant than electric lighting.

Solar light tubes are available in a variety of sizes. The larger the tube, the more sunlight the tube can capture. A 10-inch tube can illuminate a room with enough light to serve as a daytime lighting solution for a small room or office. A 14-inch solar tube can illuminate a larger room. It’s possible to install a larger solar tube in a smaller home, but it may require more space. You can also install solar tubes in low-profile materials, such as polycarbonate.

Some solar light tubes have a dimmer, which can be used to control the amount of light the tube lets into your home. This feature is great if you’re unsure about how much light to let in. There are also some models that come with electrical lights, which can be used when the sun is down. If you’re considering installing a solar tube light, you may be able to save money by taking advantage of federal or state tax credits. In Canada, you may also qualify for a home renovation tax credit.

Solar light tubes can be installed by homeowners with average home improvement skills. However, you may need to hire a qualified roofer to install them. This can be especially true for larger solar tubes. For a solar light pipe to work well, it’s important to have the roof properly sealed. To ensure this, you should use good roof sealant. Also, make sure the roof is shingled around the solar tube, and use good shingles on the sides of the solar tube. You may also need to purchase extra lengths of tubing to ensure that the light will fit.

Solar light tubes can be installed on flat or pitched roofs. They can also be installed in attics. In fact, if you have an attic, installing a solar tube is a great way to get natural light into your home. If your roof is too steep, you can install a sun tunnel instead. ThisĀ Solar light tubes type of system is best for people who want to have continuous daylight inside their home.

The SUN-TEK solar tube has undergone a series of rigorous tests. It’s been BCCO certified and is covered by a 10-year warranty. It can handle up to 65/65 pound pressure per square foot, and is also impact resistant. If you want to use your solar tube in a hurricane-prone area, you can upgrade to polycarbonate.

Solatube is a reputable brand of solar tubes, and they’ve been producing high-quality products for years. Their products are Energy Star Qualified and have a condensation release system to keep moisture from damaging your solar tube. They’re also NFRC certified.