Veldskoen – A South African Footwear Brand

The veldskoen is an old style shoe that is similar to a moccasin, but has a different construction. It is made from leather thongs and a rough hide upper. The veldskoen also has a soft sole. They were often worn by farmers and Afrikaners as a symbol of traditional attitudes.

VELDSKOEN is a South African shoe company

VELDSKOEN is a South Africa shoe company founded on the first of December 2016. The brand is based on the iconic South African shoe, the veldskoen. These shoes are renowned for their comfort and durability and are handmade using the finest African rawhide leather. The company’s shoes are designed to fit the foot naturally and follow the traditional design standards of South African shoe making.

It has been named the official off-field shoe of the South African Olympic team

Veldskoen is a shoe brand based in South Africa that produces suede and leather shoes. The company has recently received the endorsement of the South African Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation. The shoe brand wanted to be a part of the team’s off-field attire. The shoe company’s founders consulted with the SASCOC to come up with the right attire for athletes. They also decided to introduce a pop of colour to the traditional veldskoen. The brand’s vision caught the nation’s imagination and the attention of global investors.

It has partnered with the New England Free Jacks Rugby team to promote Rugby culture in North America

A South African shoe brand, VELDSKOEN, has partnered with veldskoen the New England Free Jack Rugby team to promote Rugby culture in North America. The partnership includes releasing a limited edition Free Jacks rugby shoe for fans and players. The company believes that Rugby is a great way to unite people. It has already invested in rugby culture in South Africa, producing an official Springbok shoe in 2018. They also hope to expand Rugby culture throughout the world.

It is made of rawhide

Veldskoen shoes are a type of footwear that is made of rawhide, and they are made for the outdoors. They are lightweight but sturdy, and are a staple of South African culture. The name veldskoen comes from the Afrikaans word veld, meaning “skin,” which has come to mean “field.” These boots were first made by the Dutch settlers in South Africa in the 17th century, and were modeled after the footwear worn by Khoisan people during the Great Trek.

It is a walking shoe

A South African walking shoe, the veldskoen is made with a leather or rawhide upper, a leather footbed, and rubber sole. The design is simple and classic, and these boots are made to last. Many people wear veldskoen when they go on safari, because they are so comfortable. These boots are also eco-friendly and made using sustainable leather and innovative thinking.

It was a favourite of the Selous Scouts

The Selous Scouts are an elite force of soldiers that were trained to deal with terrorist groups. They were formed when Rhodesia was under threat of communist invasion. The Soviet Union had armed the African country and wanted to destroy the European colonies in the region. The Selous Scouts were trained to identify terrorist cells and eliminate them from within. They were also taught survival skills and the language of the enemy. They also learned to hunt and forage for food and water, which was essential during the war.